SpaceWorms Early Access

We were told that reversed psychology is a powerful weapon … so … don’t you dare buying this game!

Do not visit our Steam-Shop!

What do I get?

You mean, apart from the second best game in the world? Well, You are Ze Wormperor: Overlord of a pretty and pretty flat solar system crawling with your minions. Everything is well. Wait, what, someone invaded your territory? Show them who’s boss and bomb them to worm hell in this dark, round-based strategy shooter. But beware of your old nemesis: gravitilation.

Why Early Access?

Dear Player, We have developed our game for more than two years: it is awesome. Now, we ask for your feedback to make it awesome with a cherry on top. Make that awesome with whipped cream and a cherry on top. And chocolate sprinkles.

How long will this game be in Early Access?

Man, you are serious. We have a list of features we want your feedback about. And we assume that you have some amazing ideas, too. This will take some time, but we believe that we can get to a full release in under a year.

How is the full version of the game different from Early Access?

It will cost more. Nope, seriously, We have a list of features we would like to test before implementation into the full version. The full version could include, for example:

  • New game modes,
  • a universe editor,
  • new GFX and SFX,
  • polished online-functionality,
  • more challenges & tutorials, and a
  • human-like artificial intelligence.

Most of all, the release should be a polished experience of the overall game and include all those features which promise to be the most fun to you (and us).

So what’s the current state of the game?

SpaceWorms is currently playable in single player as well as multiplayer modes and includes the following core features:

  • A single “free-for-all” playing mode against human or computer players.
  • 12 tutorials to get to know the game mechanics,
  • 14 challenges to hone one’s skills and unlock initially locked upgrades, and
  • battles against up to four AI enemies,
  • local multiplayer (shared screen, hot-seat),
  • online multiplayer,
  • matchmaking, extensive player statistics, and leaderboards,
  • 45 achievements,
  • a nude picture of your dad,
  • an already popular „German“ sound setting,
  • nearly one hour of soundtrack,
  • around 200 different hand-painted planets, moons, and suns,
  • several planet-, heart-, and balance-breaking events including epidemics, asteroid showers, or crashed alien ships,
  • civilization boni, different rocket types, and nearly 30 crazy upgrades.

So far, we played thousands of games without crashes, the current game is stable. Which does not mean that there will be no bugs during further development. There will be.

Will be game be priced differently as a full release?

Our business model is fairly simple and fail-safe:

  1. Create SpaceWorms.
  2. ?
  3. Profit.

We are currently focussing on the second item. Let’s see how it turns out. Wait, what, you really want to know? Okay: To reward your trust and effort as an early adopter, the Early Access price is lower than the price for the full game.

How do I get in touch with you guys?

You will be able to reach us via this very homepage (forum and e-mail), via Instagram, Twitter, Steam, and Facebook.
Apart from your spontaneous feedback, we would like your opinion during our feature implementation phases: We publish a new feature (e.g., nude worms), ask for your feedback via the forum or polls, which decides if the feature is wanted, needs to be modified, or removed.
Getting your feedback is our main motivation to try Early Access. … Okay, that’s a blunt lie. Getting you to buy our game is our main motivation. Hmm, wait, not yet. Getting rich is our main motivation? Well, choose any of the above and tell us what you think!