How to Play

Here we teach you how to play. And how to win. Because learning from Space Worms means learning to win.

Imagine the future. The vastness of the universe. All the space you can possibly eat. Mankind has explored the stars and the emptiness beyond. Mankind has decayed into decadence. Eventually, mankind has become wormkind. Whereas wormkind has stayed wormkind.

But wait, WTF is Spaceworms?

SpaceWorms is a game for 2 to 5 players (on a single computer or via the mighty internets) in which you launch rockets, conquer new planets, gather way too powerful upgrades, and probably end up shouting at each other.

You play the game in turns (the rage is real-time, though), starting with an underdeveloped planet full of puny little worms in an overkrauted (You guessed correctly, we are from Wormany.) and pretty flat solar system. Since rockets promise more fun than diplomacy (take that, Civilization!), you bomb each other to worm hell (except „wormagnostics„) until only one worm people remains. But beware: These rockets will be influenced by the old nemesis of all what is worm: gravitilation (it’s squared!). Choose your strategy wisely, mightly one, for only then you will be the last worm crawling.

Let get to it, then!