Rockets and Ballistic Diplomacy

Rockets are your main means of communication. You may ask: Why? Well, easy to answer: Why not?

There are four different types of rockets available (plus a secret fifth type, or so we claim). Each rocket serves different purposes.

From left to right: Doom, Steal, Love, and Pirate rockets.

Before launching a rocket, you set its direction (angle) and initial speed.

Choose the angle and speed of the rocket before launch.

Doom rocket

The doom rocket is the work horse of your efforts in ballistic diplomacy. It is available for each planet and has the following effects:

  1. Reduces the target planet’s population. The longer it flies, the more damage it will make. The damage is indicated as a red number in the upper right of the GUI.
  2. An impact by a doom rocket also reduces the civilization level of the planet, hence rendering it less capable of advanced technology.

With increased flight time of the doom rocket, its damage increases.

Steal rocket

Love rocket

Pirate rocket