How to make ze Victory

You start with a single planet in a universe which could be beautiful if it weren’t for all those other bastards living in it. The universe has a sun and few planets like this one. Your goal is to be the only bastard left in this universe. 

The most fun and efficient way to do so is by diplomacy blowing other planets up with rockets.

If I was you, I really wanted to be me.

Bruce Worm before blowing up his mom’s planet.

Understanding ze Universe

Your planets have a population (given in billion worms, icky). If there are no more worms left on your planet, it will die and become a neutron star. (We are quantum-space-physicists, so believe us, that’s exactly what happens to planets when they die).

Your planets also have a civilization level. The higher the level, the more smart your worms are. This means you can do more stuff, for example, use new rocket types or target computers. There is a certain probability to advance to the next level (until V) every round. No need to do anything. Nice, huh?

Neither last nor least, planets can have upgrades to boost their strength or simply be annoying to their owner.

Using zem Rockets

Your primary means of communication will be rockets. So learning how to control them is a good starting point on your way to success.
The only problem: Two parameter, it difficult. Many.

If it’s your turn, use the keyboard (or mouse) to change the rocket angle and speed. To rotate left, use left arrow or a; to rotate right, use right arrow or d.  To speed up your rocket, press arrow up or w. If you are smarter than you look, you will already know by now how to slow down the rocket. Press space to launch your rocket.

Your rocket will now launch and meet the enemy of all that is worm: gravitilation. From now on, you cannot influence the rocket anymore, so sit back and enjoy.