We, 3G:Games, started as a small Northern German development studio and still are. Well, most of us are not living in Northern Germany anymore. In fact, no one does. But if you are from Greece or any other African country, we would still be North. And in the end that’s all what counts.

Also, we might not have a studio, not even a small one. However, we would love to own someplace other than that bridge, we are currently working (and for the most part – living) under. If you know of a warm place, tell us! As a return service, we will try not to tell your friends that you are still living with your mom. Or, as you might phrase it, your mom is still living with you.

Now, that we come to think of it, we actually don’t really do any development. We bought … acquired … stole a few monkeys back from a famous Northern German zoo, which is NOT Hagenbeck, just so that you know, and they are doing most of the development work for us. Did you know that there used to be public exhibitions of humans in zoos? Amazing.

Well, we got sidetracked. Currently, we are four people at 3G:Games. One is doing all the work and the other two are not. Except for that guy which does. But he a bit strange.

Well, if you read through all that crap, you sure are bored out of your mind. Here’s our e-mail, if you are looking for friends. We are not but would love to make fun of you.

PS: Did you try to solve the riddle of the differently marked letters? My friend believes that you’re not smart enough!

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