Civilization Levels

Civilization began the first time an angry worm launched a rocket instead of throwing a rock.

Dr. Sigworm Freud

Each planet has a civilization level. It defines the planet’s ability to use technology.

The civilization level, or civ-level, is displayed as a yellow roman number on the top right of each planet.

You know but rockets of destruction. This is the equivalent of painting pictures of stick figure worms on your cave walls.

Planets with a civilization level of I can only launch doom rockets.

You can use steal technology to napster upgrades. Still, you are basically illiterate.

Having reached level II, you can now utilize steal rockets to transfer technology to your planet and spread epidemics.

You bring love and possibly STDs to neutral planets. You understand most of the newspaper cartoons.

Love rockets can be launched from your planet, once it reaches level III.

You can conquer enemy planets using your pirate armada. Your smartphones are still smarter than you.

You can now conquer enemy planets using pirate rockets at level IV.

You exchanged your smartphones for big-ass trajectory simulation computers. You can read without moving your lips.

Stop the guesswork at level V: You now have a target computer to simulate your trajectory before launch. Nice.

And finally, some advanced information:

  1. Every round, your civilization level has a certain chance to increase by one. The probability is influenced by your population: The more worms you have on your planet, the more difficult to build schools for them all, so your probability shrinks.
  2. Certain upgrades and civilization bonuses can help you to increase your civilization level more rapidly or counter impacts by doom rockets.
  3. If you are hit by a doom rocket, your civilization level will drop by twoUpgrades such as Brain Drain can severely amplify this effect.
  4. Your civilization level cannot drop below I.